Name: AccuThermo AW 410 RTP/RTA
Mfr.: Allwin21
Model: AccuThermo AW410 RTP/RTA
Type: Rapid Thermal Processing System
An oven designed for silicon wafers capable of rapidly heating them using visible light radiation; it can increase the temperature of the wafer as fast as 100 °C per second. It is designed for growth of thermal oxide layers.
Name: Blue M Electric Ovens
Mfr.: Blue M
Model: 206 Size Oven
Type: Oven
Industrial oven. Quantity: 2
Wet Benches
Name: Exhausted Wet Benches
Type: Wet Bench
Benches with fume hoods, sinks, hand sprayer and nitrogen blower.
Nanofab inventory computer
Name: Nanofab Inventory
The Nanofab Inventory is a customized Microsoft Access database. Facility users can enter an item into the database and the thermal printer will create a label that uniquely identifies the item and establishes who owns the item. The database serves as a chemical inventory but can be used for non-chemical items as well.