Equipment—Pattern Making

SEM (eBeam)
Name: FEI XL-30FEG SEM equipped with NPGS (nanopattern generation system)
Mfr.: FEI
Model: XL-30S FEG
Type: Scanning Electron Microscope
The XL-30S FEG is a scanning electron microscope. It creates a high magnification grayscale image by rastering a focused electron beam across a surface and using the amount of secondary electrons collected to determine the intensity of each pixel in the image. Secondary electrons are the electrons that were bound in the sample but are knocked free when the electron beam (the primary electrons) strikes them.
Mfr.: JCNabity
Model: NPGS
Type: Nanopattern Generation System
The NPGS system makes it possible to control the SEM’s electron beam and use it to create a pattern with line widths as small as 20nm.