Equipment—Pattern Making

Mask Aligner
Mask Aligner
Name: ABM Mask Aligner
Mfr.: ABM
Model: TTMA
Type: Optical Mask Aligner
The mask aligner is used to pattern micron scale structures. A photoresist is a polymer that crosslinks upon exposure to ultraviolet light. A patterned mask, usually on a glass substrate, blocks the light from passing through some areas and allows it to pass through others. After exposure to light through the mask the unreacted photoresist is washed away leaving a polymer layer on the surface in the shape of the mask. The mask aligner is used to position the mask over the sample so that the pattern created with the photoresist will be in the correct location. The ABM Mask Aligner is equipped with back side alignment and has chucks for whole wafers as well as small pieces of wafers.