Equipment—Pattern Making

eBeam Writer
eBeam Writer
Name: JEOL JBX 5500FS eBeam writer
Mfr.: JEOL
Model: JBX 5500FS
Type: Electron Beam Writer
The JBX-5500FS electron beam lithography system is designed for writing custom patterns with nanometer precision. The system produces a 50 kV electron beam from a ZrO/W emitter and a four-stage electron beam focusing lens system. A 4 nm wide gaussian beam is vector scanned at a rate of 12 MHz with scan increments of 0.5 nm to produce high fidelity patterns from a CAD layout. A high-speed stage equipped with a laser position system enables patterns to be written across an entire 100 mm wafer. The intuitive interface provide ease of use enabling a new user to produce sub 50 nm patterns independently in as little as 2 hours of training.