Equipment—Pattern Making

Spin Coater
Name: Brewer Cee 200 Spin Coater
Mfr.: Brewer
Model: Cee 200
Type: Spin Coater
The Brewer Cee 200 is designed to cover a silicon wafer or other flat sample with a layer of viscous liquid in a uniform thickness. The liquid is placed on the center of the wafer and the wafer is spun at a controlled speed so that centrifugal force causes the liquid to spread across the surface. It is used for depositing a layer of polymer photoresist on the wafer.
Mask Aligner
Name: ABM Mask Aligner
Mfr.: ABM
Model: TTMA
Type: Optical Mask Aligner
The mask aligner is used to pattern micron scale structures. A photoresist is a polymer that crosslinks upon exposure to ultraviolet light. A patterned mask, usually on a glass substrate, blocks the light from passing through some areas and allows it to pass through others. After exposure to light through the mask the unreacted photoresist is washed away leaving a polymer layer on the surface in the shape of the mask. The mask aligner is used to position the mask over the sample so that the pattern created with the photoresist will be in the correct location. The ABM Mask Aligner is equipped with back side alignment and has chucks for whole wafers as well as small pieces of wafers.
Name: FEI XL-30FEG SEM equipped with NPGS (nanopattern generation system)
Mfr.: FEI
Model: XL-30S FEG
Type: Scanning Electron Microscope
The XL-30S FEG is a scanning electron microscope. It creates a high magnification grayscale image by rastering a focused electron beam across a surface and using the amount of secondary electrons collected to determine the intensity of each pixel in the image. Secondary electrons are the electrons that were bound in the sample but are knocked free when the electron beam (the primary electrons) strikes them.
Mfr.: JCNabity
Model: NPGS
Type: Nanopattern Generation System
The NPGS system makes it possible to control the SEM’s electron beam and use it to create a pattern with line widths as small as 20nm.
eBeam Writer
Name: JEOL JBX 5500FS eBeam writer
Mfr.: JEOL
Model: JBX 5500FS
Type: Electron Beam Writer
The JBX-5500FS electron beam lithography system is designed for writing custom patterns with nanometer precision. The system produces a 50 kV electron beam from a ZrO/W emitter and a four-stage electron beam focusing lens system. A 4 nm wide gaussian beam is vector scanned at a rate of 12 MHz with scan increments of 0.5 nm to produce high fidelity patterns from a CAD layout. A high-speed stage equipped with a laser position system enables patterns to be written across an entire 100 mm wafer. The intuitive interface provide ease of use enabling a new user to produce sub 50 nm patterns independently in as little as 2 hours of training.
Nanonex NX-2004 Nanoimprinter at the University of Houston
Name: Nanoimprinter
Mfr.: Nanonex
Model: NX-2004
Type: Nanoimprinter
The Nanonex NX-2004 Nanoimprinter provides a means to replicate mold patterns across an entire wafer with sub-10 nm resolution within a few minutes. The process is similar to embossing where a patterned mold is pressed into a deformable plastic at elevated temperatures. The molds can be designed and printed in house using the eBeam Writer. The system is equipped to perform thermal imprinting, UV imprinting and simultaneous thermal/UV imprinting.