The facility and all its equipment is available to the entire University of Houston community as well as to the outside users on a pay-per-use basis. Refer to the Nanofab Userfees table for further information.

Equipment grouped into categories by primary use, some have multiple uses.

Pattern Making
Spin Coater Brewer Cee 200 Spin Coater A short description that will be shown on the Equipment Overview page
Mask Aligner ABM Mask Aligner Transfers a pattern from a mask to UV sensitive photoresist using UV light.
SEM (eBeam) FEI XL-30FEG SEM equipped with NPGS (nanopattern generation system) A scanning electron microscope upgraded with capability of making nanoscale patterns in photoresist.
eBeam Writer JEOL JBX 5500FS eBeam writer A specialized tool for producing custom patterns across an up to 4" wafer with sub-10 nm resolution.
Nanonex NX-2004 Nanoimprinter Nanoimprinter The Nanoimprinter is used to replicate a patterned mold with sub-10 nm resolution in several minutes.
Material Deposition
UHV Sputtering System AJA UHV six-source sputtering system Deposits thin films down to sub-nanometer thickness uniformly across wafers.
eBeam Evaporator Thermionics eBeam Evaporator Creates a vapor from small metal pellets which condenses on the substrate to create films; can be more cost effective than the UHV Sputtering System when using expensive metals.
Desktop Sputtering System Denton Desk II A simple desktop sputtering system for coating samples.
Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE 80) Oxford Plasma Lab 80 Plus RIE (Ar, O2, CF4, CHF3, SF6) Uses a plasma to etch out a pattern in a wafer, the surface of the wafer covered by photoresist is protected and the exposed areas are etched.
Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE 100) Oxford Plasma Lab 100 RIE (Ar, O2) Uses a plasma to etch out a pattern in a wafer, the surface of the wafer covered by photoresist is protected and the exposed areas are etched.
Deep Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE 180) Oxford Plasma Lab ICP 180 RIE (Ar, O2, CHF3, SF6, C4F8) A more advanced form of the reactive ion etcher allowing very deep and narrow trenches to be etched.
Ion Mill Custom High-Rate Ion Mill Uses argon atoms to ‘sand blast’ metals which are not etched well by the reactive ion etchers.
Atomic Force Microscope Asylum Research MFP-3D ORIGIN+ Create topographic images with nanometer scale resolution of a sample by rastering a sharp probe across the sample surface.
Profilometer Alpha-Step 200 Profilometer Drags a sharp probe across a sample surface to create a height profile.
Optical Microscopes Leitz Microscope, Olympus Inspection Microscope For visual inspection.
RTP AccuThermo AW 410 RTP/RTA Creates oxide layers on wafer.
Ovens Blue M Electric Ovens For oxidation or other processing needs.
Wet Benches Exhausted Wet Benches Benches under fume hoods that contain work surfaces, sinks, vacuum lines, nitrogen jets, water sprayers, etc.
Nanofab Inventory Nanofab Inventory Facility users can enter items into the database to establish ownership.
Direct Machining
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) FEI 235 Dual-Beam Focused Ion-beam System equipped with TEM sample extraction probe An electron microscope and a gallium ion beam capable of milling nanoscale patterns into a sample.