Equipment—Material Deposition

UHV Sputtering System
Name: AJA UHV six-source sputtering system
Mfr.: AJA
Model: Custom
Type: Sputtering System
This system uses a magnetron sputtering source to create a plasma. Argon atoms in the plasma become ionized and are driven by the eclectic field to collide with a ‘target’ made of a high purity material such as copper. The collision causes copper atoms to be blasted away from the target and toward the sample substrate where they are deposited. Sub-nanometer layers can be deposited with 2% uniformity across a 3” wafer. This system has six sputtering sources in the main chamber and one additional source in the load lock.
eBeam Evaporator
Name: Thermionics eBeam Evaporator
Mfr.: Thermionics
Type: Electron Beam Evaporator
This device targets a tiny crucible containing a high purity material such as gold with a focused electron beam. The beam can heat the material as high at 3500C, causing the material to sublimate. The rapidly cooling vapor condenses on the sample substrate and, like the sputtering system, thin layers can be created with a high degree of control over thickness.
Desktop Sputtering System
Name: Denton Desk II
Mfr.: Denton Vacuum LLC
Model: DESK-II
Type: Sputtering System
This small desktop system can coat samples via DC sputtering. It also has the capability to pre-clean samples by etching them. The Denton Desk II is primarily intended for coating SEM samples to make them conductive. It cannot provide the purity or uniformity of a UHV sputtering system but it is quick and easy to use.